Thursday, June 25, 2009

HCAN Rally in DC June 25, 2009

Twitter Summary:
# Last event of day was spirited discussion w/ staffer of Rep Crowley.3:30 PM
# Now at Doc/Nurse town hall hosted by Dr. Howard Dean. 1st up, Rep Jan Jakowski.11:15 AM
# Rep Jan Jakowski talks about how we need better nurse-patient ratios & more primary care docs (beef up loan forgiveness programs).10:59 AM
# Sen Lautenberg (D-NJ).10:17 AM
# Now NY-NJ-MD Town Hall. Rep Rangel speaking.10:07 AM
# Surprise guest Senator Gillibrand (D-NY).10:03 AM
# Dr. Howard Dean speaking now.9:49 AM
# Dr. Val Arkoosh speaking now. AMA does not represent majority of docs. NPA wants quality, affordable health care for all.9:39 AM
# Just snapped a photo w/ Dr. Howard Dean & Prez-Elect of NPA Dr. Val Arkoosh.9:24 AM
# Now at HCAN rally with thousands across from Capitol. Saw Schumer & Edie Falco speak.9:23 AM
# Met with staffers of Reps Wiener and Engel this morning.9:21 AM
# NPA going strong in DC today.9:19 AM

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