Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Black Women's Health Imperative Town Hall Meeting in Baltimore

The Black Women's Health Imperative, Raising Women's Voices and the Mayor's Office of Baltimore organized a town hall on 11/4 in Baltimore entitled "Raising Black Women's Voices for Health Reform".

As a panelist, I provided a physician's perspective for why health reform was needed and specifically addressed disparities in the rate of uninsurance and health outcomes for Black women. The panelists included the founder of BWHI, the interim commissioner for the City of Baltimore Health Dept., a representative from a youth advocacy group, and professor of health policy. The discussion was lively and passionate. Most in the audience were anxious to address to the problem of uninsurance and underinsurance and the rising cost of health care. Many suppported health care reform efforts and were there to share their personal stories. Audience members wer encourage to take action in support of health reform by calling their congress members and spreading the word to family and friends.

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