Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lobby day to support health reform including access to reproductive health care

On December 2nd hundreds of supporters of health reform attended a lobby day and rally in support of comprehensive health reform that does not include restrictions on access to insurance coverage for abortions. The health reform bill approved by the House in November included an amendment known as the Stupak Amendment that would go beyond the status quo preventing federal funding for abortions. If these provisions are approved, women purchasing coverage through the newly established insurance exchange, or their dependents, would be required to pay for any abortion care out of pocket. The only exceptions delineated are for rape, incest, or threat to maternal life. Not included are threat to maternal health or fetal anomalies.

I led a group of students from the Columbia School of Public Health. We met with representatives for Senator Gillibrand and Representative Rangel. We also attended a rally at which multiple Representatives and Senators expressed their support for access to full spectrum reproductive health care as part of any health reform effort.

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