Friday, October 23, 2009

Drs. Carol DeCosta and Manisha Sharma at the Emmanuel Baptist Church

My experience last week at Emmanuel Baptist church was a success. The audience was mainly the prime-time group (50 and over) at the Emmanuel Baptist Church. Reverend Rose Jones Wilson asked me to speak about Osteoarthritis as well as Health Care reform, dispelling the myths.

There were about 40 persons in attendance. Senator Vilmanette Montgomery stopped by and spoke about her support for the public option, however she questioned why children were not directly written in.
The audience was very engaged and wanted the opportunity to keep abreast of the activities in the congress and senate.

Overwhelmingly, the group embraced Dr. Manisha Sharma as she told her story. They also showed their empathy when I shared my story about the patient who was denied a CT scan for months and may now have to have surgery.

A special shout out to Manisha, she was feeling under the weather and insisted on coming out to be supportive of me. She is a great speaker and shared her knowledge about the public health insurance option in an objective manner. We worked well together and were able to answer the majority of the questions.

By Dr. Carol DeCosta

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