Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you Senator Schumer for fighting for health care reform!

A group of women, representing different grassroots organizations in NYC, went to Senator Schumer's Manhattan Office to thank him for his continued support of health care reform and fighting for public option. We met with his staffers, Teri Coaxum, Deputy State Director, and Victor Pichardo, Community Outreach Coordinator. The conversation mostly reinforced our knowledge that the key to passing reform would be mobilizing our bases nationwide to visit, write, or call their representatives.

We dicussed what we were doing to educate and mobilize our own groups, like the the National Grand Rounds for health care providers sponsored by NPA and AMSA, Lobby Day for Young Adults by Young Invincibles, Health Care Myth-busting Sessions, Teach-Ins, Phone Banks, Rallies by Raising Women's Voices, OFA, nycforchange, Democratic Clubs of NYC et al.

What was important to hear was that in spite of the recent Senate Finance Committee vote against the public option, Schumer's staffer/Schumer strongly believe that via some political process, the final bill would contain the public option. I'm hoping that's true. But if not, having seen the spirited efforts of numerous grassroots organizations in NYC this past summer, i know we're all in this for the long haul. So, let's keep up the momentum!

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